If You Were In Charge, Would You Keep Yourself During The Next Recession?

Yesterday I wrote about how corporations in my mind are being short sighted by not investing in their human capital.

The question I have for you is; are you investing in yourself?

As I wrote about yesterday worker productivity has decreased since 2011. Many of the jobs have never come back after the recession.

What is going to happen if we go into another recession or have another financial crisis as some would suggest we are on the verge of?

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not wishing for another downturn, but I am suggesting that if your company is not investing in you, you should be investing in your own skills and your own development.

Think about it honestly.

If you were the CEO of your organization, would you be the one indispensable employee that the CEO would never want to see go?

For many of you who read this, you are the CEO of You Inc.

Whether you work for a mega corporation, a nimble start up, or are a freelancer, here is what I think is going to be required for you and/or your company to be relevant, vital and successful during the good times and the bad times.

When things are going good, businesses large and small need people who can create personalized selling and service interactions.

In the best of times and in the worst of times every organization wants new customers.

More critically, in a downturn, every organization and every individual is going to want to keep the customers they currently have and protect them from the competitors who are going to be desperately seeking new revenue.

The way to protect yourself individually is the same way to protect yourself organizationally.

That is personalizing every interaction, internal and external, to create a differentiated customer experience.

Universally, customers want fast, friendly and hassle free help and answers.

If you have a reputation as an individual or if you have earned a reputation as a company who delivers personalized, authentic and friendly interactions, then not only are you going to be a winner in the best of times, but these skills, competencies and attributes will carry you through the most challenging of times.


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