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Human Capital League is an online social and business networking community for workplace management professionals and others interested in the best practices of HR management, training and development, employee benefits, recruiting, payroll, diversity, HRIS and the many other people-related functions that keep the people aspects of organizations turning smoothly.

HCL aggregates and features the very best posts covering the full-spectrum of workplace disciplines. It is a single source for all the latest ideas and best practices in workplace issues.

The Case for Sponsorship

Social media has upended traditional marketing practices. In the brave new world of the interactive, always-connected customer, success is measured by the level of engagement, not simply by the number of clicks or eyeballs. Today’s customers and potential customers demand a participative role in the media they consume. Social enterprise is more personal, more social, more niche than anyone might have suspected before the social networking zeitgeist.

Moderated online business/social communities like Human Capital League allow business organizations to connect with desirable, well-defined constituencies in a conversational framework. Targeted online communities—in combination with more traditional marketing approaches – can be the best way to bring a company’s ideas to an arena where they can be tested, developed and, ultimately, win converts.

Think of Human Capital League as the anchor for all your social media efforts. Your blog posts reach a wider audience daily, your white papers, newsletters, webinars, special offers, other social networking page get daily promotion not simply through the site but also through our 30,000+ Twitter network.

By providing new, useful and targeted posts daily, moderated BtoB blog communities like Human Capital League attract and build over time a loyal following of readers whose interests are precisely matched to those of the sponsoring organization. They are a perfect fit for companies who understand that having 2000 daily readers who might actually buy your product is better than reaching 2 million people who won’t.

Our short pitch is that we help you leverage the enormous power of social media to build deeper and more engaged relationships with potential customers and other constituencies that influence the development of new business.


  • Bronze: $500/month – Great for advertising and promoting upcoming events.
  • Silver: $2,500/4 months – Great for increasing readership and building your community, promoting upcoming events and driving registration.
  • Gold: $4,500/year (A discounted monthly rate for signing up for the full year).
    Featured blog posts, guaranteed article views, and social media promotion.
    Great for increasing readership and building your community, promoting upcoming events and driving registration. Email marketing outreach to the community in newsletters.


What You Get

  1. Category Exclusivity
  2. Featured Blog Posts
  3. Shared sponsor branding on all pages
  4. Integration of your own blogs, if desired
  5. Rotating (with other sponsors) banner for promotion of company projects, i.e., webinars, white papers, newsletter
  6. Promotion to other SNS sites, especially Twitter
  7. Brand Identification with unique community and domain
  8. Daily updating and content moderation by experienced communications professionals
  9. Targeted Audience development
  10. Integration with existing PR and marketing efforts
  11. Blogger recruitment
  12. Hosting of white papers, promotions (ads and links) and other assets as appropriate to maximize demand generation


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