Guidelines for Contributors

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Human Capital League. This is a place to learn, share, and connect with other management professionals, thought leaders, and real people who practice leadership on the front lines every day.

Original content and regular interaction from people like you is what makes this this talent development community really work. If you give a little of your time and talent, you’ll get much more out of the community.

And while you’re at it, please encourage others to participate in the community by putting the HCL logo your website with a link to us. You can get the HCL logo here. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon . We’ve got a lot more to share now that you’re here.

Guidelines for Contributors

Here’s a short list of things to keep in mind to make your HCL experience exceptional.

  1. Contributors must provide a complete profile and email address. To register as a member, click here.
  2. Provide original content that’s relevant to the community.
  3. Be concise. Usually 600 – 2000 words will make the point.
  4. This is a community of people. So share your own content and your point of view. Don’t bother submitting stuff written by your corporate PR team or stuff you outsourced to a content mill.
  5. Give supporting evidence whenever you can. Opinions are great, but we’d like to understand the foundation on which your opinion is formed.
  6. Don’t submit content that’s just a thinly disguised self-promoting advertisement. Hey, if readers think that you are on target and want your help, it’s easy for them to find you and ask for it. Don’t be obnoxious.
  7. One more time with feeling … we love original content. We discourage reposting content that’s already on line somewhere else. It’s in the community’s interest to have unique and high quality content.

Member Guidelines

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