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AJO Executive Coach Leanne Leonard engages her audience at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business “Lunch & Learn”.
AJO Executive Coach and Senior Consultant Leanne Leonard presented to a captivated audience of 80+ women who attended a recent Morris County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business “lunch and learn” meeting. Leanne’s topic was a departure from her usual consulting work in that her goal was to motivate her female audience to engage or re-engage with the game of golf.
Women in Golf Lunch & Learn Playing since she was 16, Leanne has a single digit handicap index and is a member of Brooklake Country Club, the Women’s Metropolitan & Garden State Golf Associations.
Leanne’s presentation set out to demystify the game of golf while reassuring her audience that they don’t have to play like Tiger Woods.
When asked, half of the audience indicated that they owned clubs but no longer used them much, if at all. Leanne shared thoughts and ideas for those wishing to take up the sport and/or reignite their passion for the game, including:
  • What’s not to love about the game of golf? After all, it offers great health, social and business networking benefits in some of the most beautiful settings in the world. Fashion aficionados should enjoy shopping for the sport’s attire too, from head to toe!
  • Play with a buddy or buddies. Although golf is an individual game, there are great partnership opportunities. Playing with others can facilitate learning and help overcome fears.
  • Seek help to achieve mastery. Drawing a parallel with her leadership coaching work, Leanne suggested that asking for help is a leadership attribute that translates to mastering any new skill, including those demanded in golf.
  • Make contact and keep moving. Key things to master include making consistent contact with the ball no matter how far it goes while maintaining a good pace on the course.
  • Take a lesson. Attendees were offered the opportunity to sign up for a Spring Golf Clinic, organized by the Chamber sub-committee.
Leanne also offered tips for the time and budget constrained; course etiquette and care; basic rules and terminology; and how to get started, including resources for learning more.
After the event, Leanne heard from several attendees, one of whom contacted her through LinkedIn and said was so inspired by her presentation, she signed up for the golf clinic offered by the Chamber. Four in 5 attendees said Leanne’s presentation exceeded or far exceeded their expectations.

Women in Golf Sub-Committee Launched

Angela Kubisky, Executive VP, Membership & Marketing for the Morris County Chamber of Commerce explained that, the Women in Business Committee launched a “Women in Golf Sub-committee” thanks to the volunteer spirit of approximately 13 members. Under the leadership of Andrea Ruchelman of Run to 1 Coaching, this “Lunch and Learn” event, follow up golf clinic, and a wine and dine have been organized with great success.
“Leanne did an outstanding job,”  advised Angela. “She was extremely motivational because her message was delivered with tremendous passion. She captivated her audience who recognized her as an expert in golf and someone genuinely interested in influencing women to positively engage in the game.  Leanne’s presentation was so powerful and compelling we plan to invite her back.”

About Leanne Leonard

As an Executive Coach and Senior Consultant for A.J. O’Connor Associates, Leanne partners with our most senior executives who are engaged in career management, leadership and organizational development services. Leanne is an Adjunct Professor who’s taught Human Resource Management at Fairleigh Dickinson and St. Elizabeth’s College at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining AJO, Leanne’s career in Human Resources spanned 25 years during which time she applied her leadership and coaching skills to drive organizational performance through employee engagement. Leanne has driven strategic changes for Fortune 500, private and non-profit organizations in both domestic and global settings. Leanne has made a significant contribution within AJO, including establishing our Executive Networking Forum in late 2009; a biweekly forum for senior leaders in all functional disciplines that Leanne leads.

About the Morris County Chamber Women in Business Committee

The Morris County Chamber consists of 850 member companies (of which AJO is one), representing the backbone of the Morris County business community. The collective investment of resources and volunteer spirit of its members represents a vote of confidence for its agenda – “To Help Businesses Grow”.  The Chamber’s programs are diverse and deliver value to every member while allowing abundant opportunity for involvement. The Women in Business program is led by Cheryl Ellis, of Ellis Business Enterprises, LLC and happens to be the strongest program offered by the Chamber. Members come from diverse fields and corporate executives, people in leadership roles in small to mid-size companies as well as entrepreneurs. Past speakers have included Sheri McCoy, CEO of AVON, Sue Naegle, President of HBO Entertainment, and many more prominent women leaders.
To learn more about the Women in Business Committee, visit the Chamber website and watch the video about “WIB”.
See more photos from the event on AJO’s Facebook Page.

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