Unemployed? Check These Out!

There is no shortage of information for job seekers online, including how to file for unemployment, land an interview and spend frugally.  For those readers already familiar with these types of resources, below are some unique websites I have stumbled upon:

Meetup facilitates face-to-face meetings between like-minded professionals who are looking to expand their current contacts.  Search groups by zip code and meet up with people of similar interests, professions, or fellow job seekers.

Unemployed Workers keeps readers updated on the progress of current legislation geared towards current workers and unemployed professionals.

My Life on the Dole is writer Ariel’s blog about the challenges of life as an unemployed HR executive.  Her writing is funny; her experiences all-too-identifiable.  It’s always good to remember that you’re not alone in your unemployment!

Unemploymentality also offers moral support through its chronicling of “lifestyles of the penniless and downtrodden.”  Hilarious video clips, as well as topics that include a “Survival Guide” and “Diaries of a Temp.”  

If you know of any other creative resources for job seekers, send me an email at [email protected]

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