Some great HR blog posts

The HR vigilance blog posts about the desperation of a job hunter and the predicament of a recruiter in a plant in central India.

Wipro’s Chief Marketing Officer Jessie Paul has a response to my post saying that Marketing is the new HR. As I tweeted back “HR is too important to be left to the HR people!” it’s great if Marketing sees itself as the new HR!

Penelope Trunk has 6 tips on doing a long distance job hunt

Dub Dubs still can’t resolve between competencies and critical experiences. I would think that critical experiences go into building context specific competencies – but I agree that it’s not a either/or affair.

Ford Harding reflects back on some lessons he’s learnt

HBS working knowledge is looking at what’s the solution for excessive Executive pay

JJ Hunter has his insightful strategic posts on the Future of HR

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