Closing remarks on HRevolution

Laurie and Lance concluded HRevolution with thoughts on getting out of the Echo Chamber.  I enjoy hearing thoughts and ideas about improving work and professions.  Laurie talked specifically about getting promoted – moving up to make a difference.  Good thoughts – relevant thoughts – and while working for a small and extremely flat organization, I interpreted her thoughts more broadly.  Get out there. Make a difference. Step up and take charge when appropriate opportunities arise.  Don’t wait to be invited.  There are a multitude of opportunities in our communities to provide support and leadership.  It doesn’t all just have to be in and on the job
Another take-away for me was the whole notion of the echo chamber.  We all read, talk, tweet and share similar messages.  On similar platforms.  With similar content.  There is a whole community (at least in Grand Rapids) that doesn’t have the vaguest notion of what we are all talking about.  I guarantee there are still people here on dial-up.  For me, stepping out of the echo chamber reinforces how important it is to keep sharing – to a wider, more diverse audience – all these things in our lexicon of social media. 
Thanks Laurie and Lance for your time and thoughts.  Good stuff.  

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