Chelsea Clinton and RPO Contingency Planning

Being a political junkie, I can’t help following the Chelsea Clinton/Marc Mezvinsky nuptials. While some secrecy surrounds the event, the safe bet is that the wedding will take place on July 31st in Rhinebeck, NY.

Americans seem obsessed with the gala and the news outlets are going crazy with important stories like:

• Has Bill Clinton kept his promise of weight loss?

• Will Barbra Streisand sing at the wedding?

• How will Chelsea’s marriage to a Jewish person impact Hillary’s Middle East politics?

Lost in this frenzy is the story of Emn Haddad-Friedman. Emn is the other bride getting married on July 31st in the Rhinebeck area. For over 2 years Emn and her mother have been planning her wedding and working out every detail. Now it appears that Emn and her wedding guests may have trouble just getting to their location so there can be a wedding at all.

Emn, her mother, and her future husband, Alex Bero, have started creating contingency plans to insure that their wedding happens. Hopefully, their precautions will pay off; however, I am impressed by their ability to persevere and not give up or give in despite adversity and roadblocks. Emn is quoted as saying “If none of the guest can get to the wedding, we’re stilling getting married…As long as we’re there, a witness and someone who can marry us, we’re doing it.”

When I think about the underlying message, I realize that sometimes in my Recruitment Process Outsourcing world that no matter how well we design and execute an account strategy at Pinstripe, there are forces beyond our control. We may have worked and worked on details and deals only to see things disrupted and derailed by something or someone unanticipated. Sometimes a new talent acquisition stakeholder unexpectedly takes over with new relationships and priorities or strategic sourcing enters the process late with new requirements or an acquisition makes global  talent acquisition strategies more complicated or the gloal economy gets flipped upside down or right side up and strategic talent acquisition is either paralyzed with fear or opportunity.

Regardless, we must adjust, be prepared, and carry on. And in the end, no matter what the result, we have to endure the good with the bad and keep things moving in the right direction.

At the end of the day, we are all more like Emn and Alex versus Chelsea and Marc. We all have stuff happen and we all must adapt.

***A special thank to Machie Madden from our PR firm, LandersMadden, for this week’s blog idea***

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