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Employee Engagement: Do you have energetic focus for your work?

Dr. Ed. Hallowell has done tremendous work on focus and energy. He recently wrote a post on the Harvard Business Review blog: Will Focus Make You Happier?

The post outlines the challenges to bring focus to our work, how current work makes it a challenge to focus, and the benefits for happiness and productivity when we focus. Here is a delightful and insightful snippet from the post:

Focus imposes order. So focus requires energy. It requires work. It can hurt. People often avoid pain and work. We humans have mixed feelings about expending energy, even if we know it will bring us pleasure… recreate boundaries that technology has broken down so that you have some time actually to think when you’re at work. Turn it off. Close the door. Don’t jump online the minute you feel frustrated or vexed. Push on. Grapple with the problem. Go deep. Persist. Don’t allow intrusions into the precious process of creative thought.

Now, read the full post, grab a cup of focus and engage more in activities that intersect with what you’re good at, what you like to do, and what adds value to the world.

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