Zing: Harnass the Power of Employee Engagement Rituals

Are you taking time for ritual or is time just taking you along for a ride?

Peter Bregman just wrote an excellent post on the value of ritual in your workday.  Here are 3 exceptional snippets from his powerful piece in the Harvard Business Review blog:

The power of ritual is profound and under-appreciated. Mostly, I think, it’s because we live in a time-starved culture, and ritual is time-indulgent. Who can afford the luxury of doing one thing at a time? Who has the patience to pause and honor an activity before and after we do it?

Imagine if we started each meeting with a recognition of the power of bringing a group of people together to collaborate and an intention to dedicate ourselves, without distraction, to achieving the goals of the meeting.

Each time we pause, notice, and offer respect for an activity, it reminds us to appreciate and focus on what we’re about to do. And by elevating each activity, we’ll take it more seriously. We’ll get more pleasure from it. The people with whom we work will feel more respected. And we’ll feel more self-respect. Which means we’ll work better with each other. And produce better results.

Transition rituals. I believe that ritual helps us make strong and engaged transitions. The rituals can be both simple and powerful and help us make a transition from where we were to where we are. We will never have full employee engagement without people working fully in the moment and ritual is a powerful step in the right direction.

Now take these two steps:

  1. Read Peter’s great post by clicking here.
  2. Determine a ritual for yourself or your team to work like a  samurai.

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