You’re Homesick. Should Your Employer Offer Support?

Just when I thought I heard it all… I didn’t. 

Just a few days ago, another story surfaced about how Millennials — often labeled as the spoiled, coddled and entitled generation — seemed to live up to their billing.  

After reading this post, some of you will be hard pressed to restrain the laughter. Others will likely just shake their heads in amazement. And a few might even get angry. But take it for what it is. Remember this is just one Millennial out of nearly 80 million. Not every child for the past 30 years has been smothered, mothered,and hovered over by helicopter parents. Unfortunately, this one young adult is not unique either. What have we done to out kids?

Here’s the gist of it. The following question was posted on a discussion board in LinkedIn:

Has anyone implemented a successful employee support program that helps employees cope with homesickness?

I used to suffer from homesickness when I first moved away from home. It is common when relocating to a new role, but I wanted to gather opinions on ways of how to combat this, using innovative or traditional methods of support provided by the employer. I have worked for firms in the past that have had external employee assistance programs to help with problems outside of work, but wondered if there are any other effective ways of handling this type of problem. Thanks in Advance. “

Yes, you read it correctly. Scott Fiore on his TriStarr Staffing blog summed up my emotions perfectly.

Programs to help adults deal with homesickness? Is it really the responsibility of the employer now to help people with homesickness? Well, in my opinion I hope not. For me this is a parenting issue. I know that many will disagree with my opinion, and that’s fine — in fact I would be very interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on this.

Me too. What do you think?

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