Your Customer Is Your Reason For Being In Business

Many businesses, in fact sadly most businesses and their employees, view their customers as a hindrance or inconvenience to their day.

The best organizations, the ones who provide legendary customer service, understand the only reason for being in business is to serve.

The elite organizations understand that the best way to serve is by serving each other first.

That means creating great internal service so that the customer facing employees are put in a position to excel with the external customer.

Who is your paycheck?

Your customer!

Why are you in business?

To serve.

Do you understand what your customers value?

Are you delivering it?

Do you understand what your customers deem important and does everyone in your organization act accordingly?

My hope for you is that the answer to these questions is YES!

If they are not, unfortunately you and your organization are going to be left in the wake of those organizations that are set up to serve from the inside out.

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