You Reap What You Sow With Social Recruiting

Reap what you sow with social recruiting
I would love to share a conversation I had last week with you to really highlight this post, but confidentiality precludes me from embarrassing the (incredibly) shortsighted recruiter, who should actually be appearing on The Muppet Show instead!

But I will explain that I was talking to this company about social recruiting and the <frustrating> conversation was spattered with phrases from Kermit like these; “social media is just for posting jobs”, “social sourcing is a waste of time”; “LinkedIn is for my 30 Inmails KPI a day” ( I jest not!!); “Twitter is for girls”;  [He saved the best for last] “Facebook is just about cats and dogs – what’s that got to do with recruitment”

What was really interesting at this recruitment company was that this person had some influence! The Director in charge actually said to me afterwards, that they ‘valued’ this recruitment consultant’s opinion about social media and recruitment!! This is when I used the phrase in the title of this post – You Reap What You Sow With Social Recruiting. **Voosh** >> straight over the Directors head that went!! 
[While I like a challenge – this was one time that I chose to report to the MD that I wouldn’t be helping them with their social recruiting strategy!]

On the train on the way back, I liked the phrase that I spontaneously used, so I have elaborated further here. So here are five reasons why some recruiters will always reap what they sow:

  1. Lack of understanding will kill your social recruiting from the start. >> Just doing social recruiting for doing it’s sake, or because you are told to is a car crash waiting to happen. Take the time to understand the social networks and the audience relevant to your market. Become a voyeur first, practitioner second!
  2. Being generic is boring. >> Social media is all about interactions, engagement and communication. If you don’t personalise your content, you will fail to differentiate yourself from all the others doing the same (and there are plenty!). Great content makes you stand out.
  3. You get what you post. >> If you post crap, all you are only going to get in return is crap. You have to make sure the content you post is interesting, appealing and above all relevant to the audience you want to reach. If it isn’t no-one will even bother reading it.
  4. Give people a reason to respond. >> Why should someone respond to your Inmail, Tweet, or Message? What is their motivation to do it? Do you even think about that? It certainly isn’t just because you are a recruiter and you assume they will want to talk to you!
  5. Treating social media like a job board is doomed to failure from the start. >> There is a reason why social networks are called social networks and not job boards because that is what they are! There are many good job boards out there – you know, you use them! Don’t then confuse the two. Sharing jobs on social networks is good, but not every one – just be a little selective! 

I am still amazed at how many people in recruitment turn their noses up and snigger when you mention social recruiting.
Using social media for recruitment as an integrated part of your strategy is the way forward in recruitment. It is no longer the new kid on the block, it isn’t a fad and it certainly isn’t going away. If done properly social recruiting can help transform your recruitment processes (please note I didn’t say ‘replace’ – I said ‘help transform’!)

All that being said, I wonder how long it will be before I have another conversation with more of Kermit’s friends out there in the market? 


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