You do use LinkedIn to recruit don’t you? You are completely bonkers if you don’t!


Completely Bonkers
You may or may not realise it yet but simply having a profile on LinkedIn (and usually a poor one to boot!) simply cannot be defined as ‘using LinkedIn to recruit’! I have sat with many many recruiters over the last six months who firmly believe they are using LinkedIn as an effective recruiting tool.
Yet, when drilled down, they make few placements, have very poor personal profile pages (is yours 100% complete for example?) and have very few connections. They get very few people contacting them through LinkedIn and ultimately they make no effort to expand their own network. You won’t be surprised to hear that many don’t therefore make many placements via this platform.
>>>>>> Instead they log in to their favourite job board and spend loads of money to search the huge databases of Monster, TotalJobs or Jobsite (as well as posting all their jobs at the same time!)

My response is simple……………………………YOU ARE COMPLETELY BONKERS!!

LinkedIn is a resource you have to use if you want to find some of the best people out there. LinkedIn have been really working hard over the last six months to add functionality to the platform for recruiters. While a good number of these are aimed at the (paid for) recruiter licences, which can be too rich for some companies, the fact that 1 million new candidates are joining LinkedIn every 10 days should get your recruiter juices flowing (if not, then go and retrain as a hairdresser or florist – they will be more worthing of your motivation levels!)
You don’t have to have the expensive recruiter licences (although they will help), because the search functionality for finding people and following (and tracking) company activity is brilliant. Did I not say that LinkedIn is FREE?

So why are you not using it properly?………….YOU ARE COMPLETELY BONKERS!!

If you are some of the recruiters using it well, then you are in a minority (quite unbelievable really), and I hope that you are influencing others around you with your actions.

Here is a statement that I cannot believe many recruiters actually understand:

Using LinkedIn effectively will help you reduce your recruitment costs.

You do want to reduce your costs don’t you? Or is your company happy to keep shelling out for job boards and agency spend (if you are a corporate that is) ad infinitum?

Still need convincing? Watch these short videos from Logitech and Ebay and see how much they have got out of LinkedIn from a recruitment perspective.


Now if you also factor in other social networking tools like Google and Facebook (as well as Google of course), and you really do have the start of your own social recruiting strategy.

If you are still new to LinkedIn or you haven’t connected to me yet – feel free to join my network on LinkedIn.  I have a short beginners guide to LinkedIn pdf I am happy to share with you (if you need it of course)

So are are going to make the effort and either try LinkedIn for the first time? Or are you going to take this ‘gentle’ reminder as the kick up the a*se you needed?

[Picture credit: the awesome Dizzy Rascal]

Footnote: Before I get various job boards having a moan – I am not advocating never using job boards, all I am saying is to use them when needed – which is not all the time!! They should not be a recruiters ‘default setting!

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