You Can Run an Award Winning Social LMS

Social_LMS_In-HouseLearning management system (LMS) software has never been easier to implement, incorporate, and manage.

You can easy run your learning management program.  All you need is the right tools and a plan.

Combining the technology and administration tools of cutting edge LMS software (like TOPYX®), with a trusted team of administrators can provide efficient business solutions for your organization.

To get to this point, an LMS must be maintained and explained. When done correctly this means everyone using your platform also finds it simple and useful. The good news is you don’t need to hire a third party IT team to accomplish this mission. With a SaaS/Cloud offering, it’s possible to operate an LMS in-house because no additional IT resources are necessary after the platform is installed.

Leveraging a SaaS offering reduces the burden of technical maintenance and management of your learning program.

Now, the best way to ensure successful use of your LMS is to compile a team of capable persons who possess skills that complement the nature and techniques of learning management systems.

For this to take place, it is ideal to have at least two key players who are dedicated to knowing the LMS inside and out; this includes its administration tools and maintenance needs. Avoid LMSs that may have additional fees for administrator access – that is counterproductive.

Here are three types of team players to look for when appointing your LMS task force:


  • Have an administrative person involved in the LMS process from the start. This person will become the expert on using simple administration tools. With an LMS platform like TOPYX, some features include: easy to use dashboard, import and export for information sharing, ability to manage site settings, ability to add subjects and materials, and control options for user sign-in process.

Technical Management

  • A technical manager who is skilled in programming should invest time learning the inner workings of your LMS. It will be helpful if this person is a good communicator who can diagnose issues and broadcast instructions with ease. While the individual won’t have to do any coding because of the administration interface options, it is valuable to have a technical-minded person oversee the maintenance of the platform.

System Administrator/Management

  • Depending on the size of your organization, you may want two or more people on an LMS task force. It is possible to train system managers to take lead of other administrative tasks, which can multiply the LMS effectiveness.

Internal employees responsible for LMS administration can maintain its functional standards and answer questions of learners and users. However, this is only true if the LMS software you choose is intuitive and easy to understand.

There are many different types of learning management solutions out there.  Find one that is right for your specific needs and is able to grow with your organization. Using the right LMS tool will make a difference in the management and deployment of the system.

TOPYX is an award winning social learning management system that can help purposeful organizations thrive. No IT team necessary. Take a tour of this LMS today by requesting a free TOPYX demo.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
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