You Can Create an Employee Engagement Masterpiece

How to Engage Like Leonardo da Vinci

April 15 – Happy 559th. Birthday Leonardo

This was a wonderful webinar I conducted with Michael Gelb. It has humor, principles, artistry, art, and applications from Leonardo da Vinci. You won’t be disappointed watching and listening to this webinar.

Here are 7 principles we discuss and apply to employee engagement:

  • Curiosita’ – an insatiable curiosity
  • Dimostrazione – testing knowledge through experience
  • Sensazione – continued refinement of the senses
  • Sfumato – a willingness to embrace ambiguity
  • Arte/Scienza – developing a balance between art and science
  • Corporalita’ – cultivating fitness and poise
  • Connessione – recognizing and appreciating that all phenomena are connected.


David Zinger is constantly working on employee engagement. One of the keys he will be applying from this webinar is to engage and organize rather than search for certainty or hungering for the rules of engagement. To learn more about David or to utilize his services, visit:

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