Writing cautiously blows

There are those who write cautiously on the web and those who don’t. What’s your style? I try to write what I’m thinking and write it like I’d say it if I was sitting around having coffee with you. Sometimes wine : )

Saying “what I’m thinking” can often be confused with bluntness. (Let’s just say my 360s always said “can be blunt.” )

Blunt is not cautious. (I guess it could be if you were super diplomatic.) And blunt, when presented as a negative attribute,  always made me mutter to myself (1) don’t ask me your god damn opinion if you don’t want to know or (2) grow a pair, a spine or, at the very least, some elephant skin.

Now when I say cautious writing, I’m referring to the dictionary meaning: a reluctance to speak freely in anticipation of some future event.

My favorite writers are those that approach a subject without fear of the future. Liz Strauss, in an older article said,

“To write with an authentic voice I had to learn to let go of what people might think of my truth or of my saying it. Authenticity is risk-taking with a marvelous reward.”

For the past several weeks I’ve found it difficult NOT to write cautiously. Difficult NOT to fear the future. Difficult  to write what I feel without wondering what others will think. That mindset for writing sucks. Big time.

The cautiousness I’m feeling I let build up over time. I realized after spending much of 2009 having the control tweezers pluck the strands of creativeness out of me one fucking check box at a time, I had become reluctant, resentful, and downtrodden. Not a good state for creativeness and innovation.

I started to think “if I write this then this might happen.”  Yup, it was time to give myself a good slap up side the head. The results…


  • reading cage-shaking books to get back on the edge
  • making room for some more “focus” time in my schedule by shutting off my presence indicators more often
  • partnering only with cool people, companies, and other creatives
  • bitch slapping my anger into a box and making shipping labels with ATTN: ASSHOLE on them (which I’ll never send of course)
  • spending more time in nature…(BTW…my garden looks awesome)
  • getting more sleep
  • contemplating doing “no way” stuff like learning how to (1) bowl or (2) raise chickens because my son wants to do those things.

These are some of the things that are getting me into a beautiful flow state on a current writing project.

Hopefully I’ll rediscover my non-cautious, creative writing mojo soon. I may have just done that and am glad because frankly, writing here is actually pretty cheap form of therapy that results in the need for less shipping labels.

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