Would you like to play a game?

Gamification means using the processes of game thinking and game mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems.

In this compelling TEDx video, Gabe Zichermann describes Generation G, the more than 100 million kids who play video games. His suggestion for understanding what’s going on: play the games with the kids. Become one with the game. Don’t fight it. This is where our faster paced world is headed. We’ve gone from Carmen Sandiego to World of Warcraft to corporate games from Nike & Coke to embedded games to improve performance.

Gaming feeds the pleasure centers of the brain. It rewards extensive collaborative play. Games speed up the pace. They’re becoming a vital catalyst to corporate innovation.

Gabe describes a dashboard game that fosters green driving habits. Games = learning + performance support + motivation.

A speed cam in Sweden was tricked out to record the identities of people going under the speed limit. Their names are entered into a lottery to win the money collected from speeders. The result? A 20% drop in speeding.

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