Would You Buy What You Are Selling?

I know most of you will say, “I’m not in sales.”

I would politely say, “In every interaction someone is buying and someone is selling.”

That’s called influence.

I am serious when I ask the question; Would you buy what you are selling?

For those of you who are adamant that you are not in sales let me give you some examples.

Do your ideas get listened to?

If you have children, can you get them to do something you wish without a debate and/or argument?

If you are a manager, do your employees actively take hold of your direction and support?

If you are in sales, do you create personalized buying opportunities where you give value first?

Do you get the choice assignment or promotion that you are after?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is no, then I would suggest not only would you not buy what you are selling, but others are not buying either.

To get others to buy what you are selling requires that you create personalization and value first.

It also requires authenticity.

A key component of being authentic is showing empathy and putting the needs of others at the forefront of everything that you do.

Fun, friendly and hassle free.

In a world cluttered with technology, apps, headphones, cell phones, and every other type of device, what humans desire is someone who can personalize, empathize and make the interaction memorable in a positive, friendly way.

If you get the reputation for personalizing, empathizing and creating fast, fun, hassle free interactions, I guarantee YOU would want to buy from you.

But even better, every body else will be influenced and open to you as well!


What is the downside of trying?




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