Workscape evolution

This morning Jane Hart posted this 5-stage model of the evolution of workplace learning in an organization.


I’ve re-worked the model to show:

  • my domain is the workscape (the merger of work and learning, the learning ecosystem)
  • overarching issue is who controls the curriculum
  • learning is a mix of formal and informal, not one or the other


The further you go to the right in these models, the less the support provided by L&D. I advocate filling the gap with support of social and informal learning.

LMS have their place: opening up and tracking performance of formal and compliance training. However, the more mature the worker, the less dependence on the LMS and the greater the need for social network solutions. Old pros don’t take classes. If all you offer is via an LMS, you are failing to support the biggest money-makers in your organization. Duh!

Software support of learning

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