Workplace by Facebook Live Video Q&A on The Social Organization

I’m doing a Q&A on The Social Organization with Workplace by Facebook, one of the main social technologies I write about in my book, and which are picking up loads of new clients with great adoption levels.

We’re planning to explore some of my ideas, including the role of communities and other social groups in organization design, and how social technologies can be aligned with these types of group, as well as other factors that can make them work effectively.

We’ll also look at other enablers for the social organization including workplace design (workplace with a small w), innovated HR practices, individual, group and organization development, social leadership and communityship, and social analytics including social / organisation network analysis (SNA/ONA).

The Q&A is being held online at 4pm BST on Wednesday 18th October and you can register here: (use the access code PIONEER). Please do join me.

You can also buy the book here: (use code AHRTSO20 for a 20% discount).

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I graduated from Imperial College, London in 1987 and joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a systems development consultant. After ten years in IT, change and then HR consulting, I joined Ernst & Young as an HR Director, working firstly in the UK, and then, based in Moscow, covering the former USSR.More recently, I have worked as Head of HR Consulting for Penna and Director of Human Capital Consulting for Buck Consultants (the HR consultancy owned by ACS).

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