Workplace bullying is on the rise

The amount of people suffering forms of bullying such as teasing, intimidation and physical abuse at work has doubled in the last ten years, according to the union Unison.

Despite a recent push to make employers recognise and take responsibility to stop bullying behaviour, the study by Unison, the largest public sector union, suggests that more than a third of workers have experienced bullying in the last six months.

Across a large proportion of the UK workforce, the more obvious and hidden effects of workplace bullying and harassment on its victims are perhaps not fully appreciated  These effects can include everything from poor performance and difficulty in maintaining relationships within the workplace, to stress related mental health problems and even physical manifestations of stress such as chronic headaches, poor appetite and exhaustion.

Those who are bullied at work also have significantly more time off work than those who are not bullied and 13 million working days a year in the UK are lost because of work-related stress, anxiety and depression, according to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

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