Working on this holiday

I have been following with some curiosity the increasing backlash against retailers open on Thanksgiving.  I hear and read the outrage from the workers,  friends via social media, and articles in online. 

It’s sort of this selective outrage.  Like against Target (who has to have some the most annoying ads on the planet) and Walmart.   How dare they make us work, I hear. 

But I don’t see any outrage against my favorite store, B & H Photo/Video.  They are open today. No one is taking to the waves to boycott them.  If they think it’s a good day to be open (they close on Saturdays), so be it. 

I am watching three different parades today followed by three fabulous football games, as well as news and weather.  All of these people have been working every Thanksgiving day for years and years.  None of these events happen by magic.  Everyone is working – thousands behind the scenes.  I don’t hear people complaining about parades and football. 

For nine of the 22 years we were property of the US Navy, my husband was gone. Working.  It never bothered me.  It was his responsibility, his duty, and yes, his job.  We just picked another day to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Sometimes it was the day after, sometimes it was in July.  It didn’t matter.  We were together and we were thankful. 

The day on the calendar doesn’t define our gratitude.  Nor does the calendar limit it.  My wish for all of you is to be able to celebrate your thankfulness and gratitude with those you love.  Whether it’s today, next week, or next month. 

To all of those still serving, thank you for keeping us safe. 

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