WorkHuman Wednesday: Join the Movement May 9-11, 2016

by Derek Irvine

Graphical description of WorkHuman timingRecognize This! – Find out what it means to truly WorkHuman. Join us in Orlando to learn more or to share your knowledge.

What is WorkHuman? Yes, it’s an event, but that is just one facet of very large diamond. In its fullness, WorkHuman is a movement to change the very way we think about work and our role at work as full, multi-faceted human beings.

Here’s the WorkHuman Manifesto:

“The mission of the WorkHuman movement is to galvanize organizations and leaders worldwide to create a more human workplace. This movement culminates annually at the WorkHuman conference, powered by Globoforce, which brings together the brightest stars in our growing community of human-focused organizations, scholars, and thinkers. We believe that when companies harness the transformative power of human connections, well-being, purpose and communications, we build a work culture that both reminds us of our worth as individuals, and pulls us together in pursuit of shared success.”

What does that mean practically? Experts and thought leaders at WorkHuman 2015 taught us 10 key steps to working more human. (Read the full descriptors and extra tips.)

  1. Arianna Huffington – Put on your own oxygen mask first.
  2. Shawn Achor – Measure and manage happiness.
  3. Adam Grant – Get the right people on the bus.
  4. Robert Emmons – Practice gratitude.
  5. Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine – Recognize and appreciate others.
  6. Arianna Huffington – Prioritize for well-being.
  7. Tania Luna and Brigid Schulte – Make room for the unexpected.
  8. Eric Mosley – Cultivate relationships.
  9. Catherine Flavin – Offer positive feedback.
  10. Tim Leberecht – Curate your culture.

Do you want to join the WorkHuman movement?

Save the date: May 9-11, 2016

Book your ticket: Orlando World Center Marriott, Florida

Reserve your spot, today!    

Register to attend WorkHuman by 9 November for the early-bird rate of $795.

We will continually update our keynote speaker announcements and news at  and on our WorkHuman LinkedIn forum.

Call for Speakers

Are you interested in being a part of the WorkHuman movement and joining us as a speaker at WorkHuman 2016? We’ve opened our call for speakers. Proposal deadline is November 30, 2016. Proposals will be assessed as they are received—on a first-come, first serve basis—so be sure to submit early. (Read more details on the call for speakers.)

Transform your workplace. Transform your approach to work. Join us at WorkHuman 2016.

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