Workers protest at waiting a year to be paid; union promises to take contract fight to UPS

US Open caterers claim they’ve not been paid

Some of the players involved earn $millions, but at this week’s US Open Tennis Tournament, a protest was staged by three caterers who claim they’ve still to be paid for labor they provided at last year’s event. The three women, Cecilia Valdes, Maria Taverna and Luc Taverna, allege they have not been paid a total of $4,500 in wages after working for the US Tennis Association’s catering company. Moreover, they also claim there are more than just them still waiting for their wages. According to New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE), an organization aiding immigrant laborers, US Open representatives did speak with the women during the protest, and attempts are now being made to resolve the issue. It is unclear if the company the caterers worked for is a subcontractor, but it is claimed that the women involved were hired by the tennis championship and given US Open employee identification cards.

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