Work Shift – More on the New Workplace Reality

Dan Erwin responded to my last post on the new reality of Automated and Outsourced work. Dan wrote: “There’s a thorough and masterful report that supports all your conclusions.  It’s the result of a study by the research group at the Dallas Fed in 2003, entitled, The Evolution of Work.”

The table in the report clearly shows how we are moving to an economy that values emotional intelligence, imagination and creativity. These data are almost a decade old, so just imagine how much further we are into the new economy.

This should have been a wake-up call to our training and education institutions in 2003. Notice that even the requirement for analytic reasoning is declining in the workplace. As the authors note:

In today’s world, companies and workers face the challenge of ascending the hierarchy of human talents. Workers are increasingly using those traits that make us truly human. Some jobs require imagination and creativity, including the ability to design, innovate and entertain. Other jobs rely on such social skills as conflict resolution, cooperation and even humor. Work is more likely to put a premium on the ability to inspire and motivate, a capacity social scientists call emotional intelligence.

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