Work life balance in the social networking age

The other day a twitter follower of mine  noticed that I don’t usually tweet at the weekend or after 5(ish).

And he is right – I don’t. I check my email on my Blackberry all the
time and this helps me see  if something needs urgent attention ( it’s
rare )  but unless I really need to I don’t log onto my PC at the end of
my business day if I have not been at my desk. I may well be out
networking IRL ( in real life!) in the evening but anything I have to
say about that will usually wait til the next day. Weekends are for
relaxing and spending time with my family and friends  and I don’t often
have to focus on work issues then unless I have left planning for a
workshop or something similar right to the last minute (it happens!).

You may have a different balance. You may have no balance at all.
Either way – if it works for you then that’s good. In my view we should
all use the tools at our fingertips to our own best advantage – and how
you do that is wholly in your hands.

If it is not working though… well you will usually notice if you are being honest with yourself.

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