Work environment redesign

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The way the workplace is constructed—physically, virtually, and managerially—can have a critical impact on employee productivity, passion, and innovation.

Jay Cross‘s insight:

This paper is about building a Workscape — the pull platform on which people learn while working. 



While traditional training programs are important, particularly when dealing with items such as compliance and merger integration, they have several shortcomings. It is difficult to train for time-intensive exception handling that occurs outside of standard, business-as-usual processes. Traditional programs also often neglect to consider the unique context and setting where skills need to be applied, and to some degree the skill sets of each worker. And because training sessions usually occur based on fixed schedules—rather than employees’ needs—much is forgotten between training and execution."

"Furthermore, with the increasing pace of technological innovation, it is difficult to predict what specific skills people will need in the future. Many training programs become out of date, if not obsolete, by the time they are launched. At the same time, many executives also find themselves unable to fill high-skilled positions, and are perpetually searching for and paying a premium for employees with specific skill sets. Unfortunately, the value of these or any other specific skills is depreciating increasingly quickly as well. For example, the skills that graduates acquire during four years of college have an expected shelf life of only five years.5"

"Finding new and more powerful ways to develop talent is not only an attractive opportunity to create value, but is also becoming an imperative. Given long-term shifts in the global economy, performance pressure is mounting. Structural shifts in the business landscape, such as advances in digital infrastructure and liberalization of public policy on a global scale, are tipping the balance of power from companies to individuals."

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