I believe that I have mentioned once, if not several hundred times, how much I love my job.  I have had the pleasure and the privilege of doing this job for ten years.  It doesn’t seem to popular to love your job, or your work but to be out of sync or not so popular is just fine with me.  
Every day, I get to help someone, do something neat or cool, take care of an issue, improve work flow, answer a question, solve a problem, lend a listening ear.  Sometimes I get to loan myself out to other departments – our career development office to help with mock interviews for students; or present in a class on human resources or social media; or spend an hour or two with our admissions teams welcoming visitors to the campus.  And they pay me for this.  I mostly work with people who love what they do, and show up to deliver more than what is ever asked or expected.  Really.  
I work with people who look for ways to say yes.   I work with people who are honest and transparent.  I work with people who love their work, too. 
This kind of job, and work, makes me want to be a better person.  I wish that for you too.    

Work is love made visible.
–Kahlil Gibran

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