Wordcamp 2010

Conference hosts should take a lesson or two from Matt Mullenweg. Today’s Wordcamp San Francisco was simply great. Great line-up of speakers. Glorious weather. Some participants were so enthusiastic as to call for revolution and world domination by WordPress. (They see it as a platform, not a mere blogging tool. Most participants were making money from designing or installing WordPress sites.)

Wordcamp 2010 SF

Admission was $50. It costs about $250/head; the difference is made up by sponsors. I didn’t hear an attendance figure: I’m guessing we had 600 people in attendance.

Wordcamp 2010 SF Wordcamp 2010 SF

Ex-Google, ex-Zillow Vanessa Fox gave great SEO tips. Vanessa has a new book out. She’s one hell of a good marketer. (Her personal site used to be “vanessafoxnude.com.” No, there weren’t any pictures, just lots of visitors.)

Wordcamp 2010 SF Wordcamp 2010 SF

Barbecued brisket & chicken and live jazz and great conversations.

Wordcamp 2010 SF Wordcamp 2010 SF

Many opportunities to schmooze.

Richard Stallman

Some people think Richard Stallman a god for writing Emacs and inventing Free Software. No matter what his accomplishments, he struck me as a mean-spirited jerk. Criticizing the Apple “iGroan” and the Amazon “Swindle” is one thing. Saying that anyone who doesn’t openly give away his code is malicious and manipulative is nutty.

Wordcamp 2010 SF Wordcamp 2010 SF

Host Matt Mullenweg is friendly, suave, well spoken, and simply cool. His staff are super-competent happy people.

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