With A Social LMS, No Employee Works Alone

Employee Social LMSA lively company culture does not appear overnight. In fact, in a world of increasing isolation (thanks to the same tech tools we both appreciate and rely on), businesses are putting increased efforts into bringing employees together in fun, productive online settings.

But, as the saying goes, “Man was not meant to be alone.” A company is positioned to do well when partnership, teamwork, and a sense of comradery are present. This poses a modern day challenge for businesses; they must create vibrant workplace communities on technological platforms.

Before we discuss how this is possible, let’s fully understand why online work communities are important for employees and businesses by comparing employees with silos.

Silos Stand Alone, Employees Shouldn’t Have To

Silos are humongous storehouses for grain that stand alone on farmland. Storing grain is the main objective and only purpose of a silo.

With the dependency businesses have on technology, more and more employees are acting as silos. Think about it this way: in online environments, employees do not run into coworkers at the water cooler or see their bosses in the parking lots. Spontaneous interactions with other employees are far and few between. Lack of social workplace behavior can threaten company culture and cause feelings of isolation that may lead a person to dislike his or her job. More so, people who work alone are tempted to fall into routines where they do accomplish the tasks appointed to them and little else.

Unlike silos, people are not made of metals and hardware; we are not meant to be alone all day, every day. When employees work remotely without any online system to connect them, they can feel like they are all alone, accomplishing their tasks in utter isolation. Connecting employees online is the only way businesses can keep them from working in isolated settings.

Connect Employees, Abolish the Silo Stigma

Social learning management systems (LMSs) are making it possible for businesses to connect their employees and abolish the silo stigma. An LMS can host a vibrant, healthy company culture by establishing online communication outlets for employees who are rarely together in person. From there, information can be shared and knowledge can grow, along with relationships.

A social LMS that bridges communication divides and serves as a glue that holds businesses together is TOPYX®. The easy-to-use, customizable online platform is a business solution that companies use to bolster company culture. This eLearning option enables employees to connect with one another throughout their days, even when working remotely. With social profiles, informal learning happens through their online communication, but more so, formal training measures are in place so that a company’s LMS becomes a social learning center and trusted resource. Connect with TOPYX today by requesting a free demo.

Technology is advancing the world of business in great ways. All the while, it is increasing workplace isolation. People are not meant to be alone. With a social learning management system, businesses are making it so that no employee works alone, even when working remotely.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]


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