I recently had the opportunity for a hands-on demonstration of some new mind-mapping software called Wisdomap, aimed specifically at the education market. Although the initial focus has been teachers in the 16-18 age group, this is a piece of software that could easily cross over into education generally and into workplace learning. Here’s what I really like about this software:

  • Each map has its own unique URL for sharing with students and others.
  • Each map can be accompanied by a rich ‘notes panel’ allowing you to supplement map nodes with text and graphics, links, documents for download, audio, even YouTube videos. This allows the map to form a navigational device for exploring detailed content.
  • Students can be set mindmap building assignments which can then be graded.
  • A mindmap can be displayed as a presentation, building up as it goes. This is definitely worth trying as a PowerPoint alternative.
  • The software could be easily integrated into an LMS or VLE.

There are some nice-to-haves which are being considered for development, such as embedding a mindmap into a blog or other web page, and the facility to have multiple users working collaboratively on a single map. However, the software is good as it is and definitely worth a play.

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