Win Mind-Bending Leadership Book

Mita survey equips leader brains to win!

Complete each survey item below to show 10 for high or yes, and 1 for low or no. (For example: Number each from 1 – 10 – with 10 being high and 1 being low)

1 – Do you support mentoring so that experts teach or coach novices to lead? _____

2 – Do you champion hero-leaders at the helm of your initiatives? _____

3 – Do you envision clearly defined goals for distinctive departments? _____

4 – Is following best practices central to your workday? _____

5 – Would you do whatever it takes to ratchet up your bottom line? _____

6 – Would more control turn boring meetings into productive sessions? _____

7 – Do you gain by venting workplace stressors to a trusted colleague? _____

8 – Do organizations move ahead by beating competitors to a punch? _____

9 – Do you use performance reviews to address workplace weaknesses?

10 – Do you agree to a need for more hard skills evident at work?

Two commenters will win copy of the new book – Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind, by completing survey above and then commenting at this site on your results.

Deadline for entries is September 15th, 2011, when two names will be selected randomly by independent leader. Good luck and we’ll be back to name survey winners.

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