Will The Cherry Blossoms Bloom?

A poem about the flood of work

Cherry Blossom Chrysler Building

Work flows like a raging river

washing over sandbags of effort

all sense of calmness washed away

and “where the hell is that file?”

Our stress management skills

no longer hold back the flood of

demands, threats, conflicts and hassles.

Even a broken paper clip can snap us into stress.

We are mired knee deep in irritation

as our heels sink into the mud and the shine leave our shoes.

We grab a late latte lunch

to make it past 2:30 without dozing at our desk.

We must craft a raft.

A raft of resilience fused with equal parts of

calming breaths, realistic expectations, and human kindness.

Using NO as our rudder to steer away from

turbulent waves of relentless work.

When the water recedes,

will the cherry blossom bloom?

by David Zinger

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: Chrysler Building in Cherry Blossom

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