Will TalentBin be the new social recruiting referral product that hits the spot?


The whole social recruiting space seems to be currently focused on recruiting nirvana – referral recruiting.

Over the last few months we have seen Facebook Apps like Work4US, Jobvite, Branchout, Surgehire and the latest big entrant, BeKnown all making a play on the social media referral approach to recruitment.

Yesterday I was was made aware of another new one – but this time rather than be a Facebook App that relies on sharing and broadcasting job opportunities (like the majority of the ones above), this one called TalentBin only reaches into your employees networks and does not broadcast jobs.

[IMHO – I do think that they have chosen a strange name – I personally wouldn’t have gone with Bin!!]

So far I haven’t had a proper play, but this one seems interesting in a different way.

Watch the video first and then I want to pose a question to you about how you would use it.


Nice idea isn’t it? But the trick for me ( I reckon) is to take this product and bolt it onto your existing internal referral programme.

Just imagine the pitch to employees?

An internal referral scheme where the employer will reward employees for referring people from their networks (obviously the same rules of success apply), and all the employees have to do is give permission to TalentBin to search their networks. TalentBin does all the work (via an internal recruiter or HR) to find if there is any actual matches for the internal job with the employees network.

Employees would only get involved if TalentBin identify potential matches. Then they would be asked to send out a templated email to these contacts specifically about the role, introducing the company opportunity and the recruiter to them. [Well they do have to do something to earn their referral fee don’t they?]

I have to say this type of referral scheme appeals more to me than the sharing jobs on Facebook approach, that many of the other companies in this space are pursuing. Facebook is still, for many peopl, a private network after all.

There is another product being launched in a few weeks that works a similar approach to TalentBin, and that is called SocialCruiter. This is a product I am REALLY looking forward to seeing live, as it really tries to tap into the essence of proper referral recruiting techniques, while at the same time maximising the power of the social networks.

Social recruiting is really going through some interesting times at the moment. Everyone is wanting to find THE solution that encompasses old and new recruiting methods. I am sure next month will see other new start-ups coming along…….

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