Will social recruiting start to generate a new range of Job Titles?

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It seems that social media and social recruiting, are now quickly starting to become adopted in the mainstream of corporate life. With this adoption, comes the need for companies to put ‘labels’ on these new jobs. So my guess is that a whole new range of ‘creative’ job titles will start to appear on websites and job boards over the next 6-12 months.

So, I have taken a guess at some new job titles that could well be being recruited for over the next year ahead. Some are already present (albeit with different interpretations), but many new titles will appear – although I am not sure that Peter Gold’s will be too common – Web 2.0 Social Media Talent Community Recruitment Manager!!

So here are my ideas of some of the job titles that will be appearing on websites and job boards soon:

Social Talent Manager

someone responsible for creating and managing the talent pipeline through the social media channels.

Social Media Manager

someone responsible for managing the social media activity within an organisation.

Listening Manager

Someone responsible for monitoring what is being said about company/brand/services on different channels, and differentiates the positive and negative influencer’s.

Social Recruiting Manager

someone responsible for recruiting candidates via different and relevant social media channels.

Community Manager

someone who monitors and responds to discussion within relevant communities and engages with the people in that community.

Social Candidate Marketing Manager

someone who uses the social media tools as their primary marketing channel.

Online Brand Reputation Manager

someone who makes use of online tools to monitor and track the brand reputation online, engaging with detractors and influencer’s to maintain the reputation.

Recruitment Blogger

someone creates, writes and manages the company/corporate blog environment, with the aim of attracting and engaging with prospective new candidates.

Digital Facilitator

someone who engages with the online world, developing conversations around the products and services that are relevant to the company

Digital Engagement Manager

Someone who is responsible for all customer engagement across the digital and social media channels.

Candidate Experience Manager

someone responsible for the full lifecycle of candidate interaction and engagement with a company with regards to recruitment.

Video Recruiting Manager

someone responsible for using online video channels such as YouTube, as direct recruiting channels.

If you have seen some new and interesting job titles recently, then I would love to see what they are. I know some companies are being very creative with titles, in the social media space. Please share what you have seen in the comments below.

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