Will Pinterest Become the Next Big Social Recruiting Tool?

People who know me are definitely aware that I’m always looking for what’s next. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been a part of the Hi-Tech industry for so long; but I always look forward to the next mobile device coming out, interactive video system being developed, and new social tools to utilize for recruiting.

Pinterest logoEnter Pinterest.com – virtual bulletin board. When I first joined Pinterest, I thought “Fantastic – I’m never going to be able to eat healthy if I keep looking at this all the time.” My friends seem to pin great desserts. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen Pinterest go from a site that only a few of my female friends were on, mostly to share recipes; to a site where I find the majority of my friends, male and female, pinning articles, quotes, home improvement ideas, etc. You name it – It’s probably on Pinterest. The thing I haven’t seen yet – Jobs being posted on Pinterest.  I’m starting to see companies use it to promote their brand, but not their job opportunities.

This got me thinking. What a great way to reach out to a market that’s looking at your Pins anyway to see if they might repost your position to their Pinboard. The potential to have a viral effect is great. Thus, I started playing around on Pinterest to determine if it was feasible to post jobs.

I must admit that in order to post my jobs on Pinterest, I had to jump through a few hoops. I had to save my company’s logo to a hard drive first, because the image “wasn’t large enough” to be picked up by Pinterest in the automatic recognition feature. I thus uploaded it through the “add a pin” feature, being careful to put the link for my job in the description section so job seekers would know where to go. After three minutes of being pinned, two people had “liked” my update and one had repinned it. Of these three individuals, I only knew one. The downside to Pinterest is unless individuals repin/like quickly, it falls off of the front page rather quickly.

Only time will tell if Pinterest will be a beneficial recruiting tool or potentially act as a job board for companies – but there’s no doubt that people are spending much of their free time on Pinterest these days, and it’s a great way to get the word out about your job opening on a board that’s not yet saturated by other job postings.

What do you think the potential is of Pinterest for recruiters?

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