“Will Big Business Save the Earth?”

In an
astute and highly nuanced response to that question, Jared Diamond of
UCLA, one of the most knowledgeable scientists and writers in this
country, says that we need to  get
over the misimpression that American business cares only about
immediate profits, and we should reward companies that work to keep the
planet healthy.

Diamond admits to his own
foibles in the article.  After serving on two environmental boards,
alongside a number of business executives, he got a chance to assess
his ideas about business.  What’s illuminating is his discussion of
three organizations that are the bane of most environmentalists: 
Wal-Mart, Coca Cola and Chevron.  He picked the right three to
challenge some of the more deeply held notions.

O4448 In a previous post,
I pointed out how audiences often fail to distinguish between balance
and proportion.  Diamond handles that issue with finesse.

I’d like to paste this article
on some foreheads on both sides of the camp with iron glue.  I’m
referring, of course, to dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist and the
anti-environmentalists. I intend to double check the opinion writers at
the Wall Street Journal all next week to see how they deal with
Diamond’s paean.  You can read the NYTimes Op-Ed by Diamond here.


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