Why your company should have social media usage guidelines

Recent research by Manpower entitled “Employer Perspectives on Social
Networking: Global Key Findings”  ( link below for download) showed
that in the UK  only 22% of organisations  have “organisational social
networking policies”  for use of sites like Facebook, Twitter and
Linkedin in place.

To be honest with you I am surprised that it is as high as that!

I am working with more and more people coaching them in using
Linkedin.  The numerous articles and posts, seminars and training
programmes on the topic of social media for business have raised
awareness of what is out there. The missing link – for my clients at
least – is what to do first ( and that means how do I register!) and to
understand the potential of each site.

All of my clients use the internet widely for their business. Finding
a way to access and maximise the potential of social media quickly and
easily is a common aim. As using social media becomes the  norm and we
have stopped talking about it as something new to learn the quality of
output will become even more important. That is why I believe the time
to create social media usage guidelines for organisations is now .

What particularly interested me in the findings from the Manpower
research was the areas that companies believe using social networks can
support the business . Overall most companies saw it mostly for building
brand with “fostering collaboration and communication” second. In EMEA 
it is the other way round.  Either way facilitating employees’
effective use of social networks should be a priority for companies. The
emphasis should though be on “effective” – in all regions surveyed the
main reason for having social networking usage guidelines is “avoiding
productivity loss”.  Bringing the company reputation into disrepute
rates much lower and in my view this is where having good, well thought
out, and understandable guidelines is vital.

I have asked for examples of UK based companies with good social
networking  usage guidelines in the past and to date have had no
response. Clearly that is not because there are none… so if you do know
of any please share.

And if you would like to discuss this further get in touch [email protected]

In the meantime the link to the download from the Manpower site is
here – really worth a look !

Employer Perspectives on Social Networking:Global Key Findings

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