Why RPO needs More Hippies

This weekend I was reading an article in my local Food Co-op magazine about “things we owe to hippies.”I know we all have preconceived ideas about hippies.  However, my greatest surprise was the suggestion that we owe the origins of Internet to hippies (sorry Al Gore). The belief is that the counterculture’s scorn for centralized authority provided the philosophical foundations of the Internet and the entire personal-computer revolution.

Being a skeptic with my only source being a non-profit monthly newsletter, I decide to do some research on my own. Among the items I found was a 2006 New York Times article discussing how the Internet was inspired by the ideas associated with the free thinking 1960s. The article raised an interesting business issue (and, for me, Recruitment Process Outsourcing issue): how do we interpret the fact that the resources that organizations and markets depend on are often created in funky, unconventional environments?

How is this related to RPO?

Here’s how…Now that RPO has become more established, the RPO industry in general, has slowed the rate of innovation. While some may disagree, I believe som RPO firms are becoming the victim of their own success…blind to the future because they have such an entrenched interest in the preservation of the status quo.  If the “hippie factor” in business equates to ingenuity and originality, then the RPO industry needs a strong infusion of hippie. We need to embrace the free and imaginative thinking of the 60’s.

Fortunately, at Pinstripe ,we never seem to be complacent with the just maintaining.  And while we don’t have a lot people running around in tied dyed shirts and sandals, I do think Pinstripe has a fair amount of “hippie” creativity and inspired ideas.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” Bob Marley

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