Why Renovating Your Home Leads To Better Personal Productivity

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Renovating your home can be more than just a means of improving its appearance, adding some extra space, or facilitating better movement.

It can actually help you become more productive and motivated. There is a direct link between a successful renovation and states of mind and concentration.

The Project Itself

One initial way that renovating your home can lead to better personal productivity is that the project itself will require motivation and planning.

This type of project takes you out of your ordinary sleepy norms and gets you thinking, planning, and working in new ways.

There is every possibility that this will filter over to your ordinary work in some way, giving you new insights into your own creativity and productivity.

Though the activity itself might at first take some time away from your regular work, it can nevertheless be inspiring when you return to it.

Better Organization

If you are renovating your house, chances are that you will be in some way aiming for better organization.

If you have not thought of it from this angle (paying instead more attention to cosmetic changes) perhaps you should.

Good organization is a key aspect of productivity.

Think in terms of creating new space where objects from previously cluttered areas can be placed and better organized.

If you are renovating a home office, you might make it larger so that a new, larger desk with more drawers can be put in.

In general, more space lead to greater organization.

Better Work Space

Somewhat along the same lines, freeing up space usually makes it easier to work and this in turn can lead to feeling more motivated to work.

This does not only apply to a home office, shop, or other work area, but to the whole house.

If there is less clutter and more room to do the things you need to do, whether that is working on something in your bedroom, working in the garage/shop, or working in the upstairs office, you will probably find that the extra or better arranged space makes it easier to get things done.

Thus keep workflow in mind when renovating your home.


Another dimension to this whole question is inspiration. The inspired feeling you get from living and working in a beautifully designed, sharp, modern or classic looking house can be a powerful psychological factor in how motivated you feel.

There is an endless variety of interior designs to be experimented with. The important thing is to create spaces and designs that you really enjoy and which give you a sense of motivation.

This can help you to be more productive in itself.

Remodeling thus works on all these different levels to encourage motivation and productivity.

Have fun remodeling your house and explore some different ideas for the renovation before you start.

Keep productivity in mind to balance off the purely aesthetic ideas you have and you will find that the experience teaches you a lot about work itself and how to make it more productive.

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