Why Organizations Need a Social Anthropologist to Understand How Their Customers Interact With Their Social and Professional Networks

Brian Vellmure at CRM Strategies Blog says that it’s not enough for organizations to know how their customers interact with them; organizations now need a Social Anthropologist to understand how their customers interact with their professional and social networks.

What if we were to not just know about our customers, but also about the groups of people that they were part of, who they interact with, how they interact, and why?

They all have circles of friendships, professional relationships, patterns, etc. that we live by. We have patterns of decision making, and we all make decisions based on influence of those we know and trust.

By understanding more about those who influence our customer’s decisions; who they interact with, how they interact, and why they interact, we may discover valuable insights that may help us to meet our customer’s needs better, and if your organization is prepared enough, even co-create solutions with them.

Conversely, we may also begin to understand who our customers influence, and why a successful sale might not only allow us to recognize revenue from that single purchase, but also a chain of purchases based on the influence and recommendation of our customer’s purchase decision.

These insights are not only valuable for each individual prospect or customer, but also in aggregate. By profiling groups or segments of our customer base (or our target market in general), we can potentially gain key insights into who is likely deriving the most value from our products and service offerings.

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