Why natural SEO is so important to your social recruiting strategy

Came across this great blog post yesterday on the online marketing agency blog Datadial, showing SEO in an easy graphical way.

Social Media Link Baiting

While the full SEO graphic is really superb, I have cut out the section regarding social media out above, because I think it is the part you will be really interested in.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is changing fast, and Google seems to change their algorithms regularly, and as they rank pages and content (not websites) it makes websites that are content rich higher in their rankings. So by utilising social media channels into your recruiting strategy, and giving yourself many outposts of fresh content linking back into your website, it will dramaitically improve your natural SEO, and therefore your Google rankings, therefore delivering more visitors (job seekers, clients etc) to your site.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all highly ranked websites, which therefore hold much credence with search engines like Google and Bing. Good content on these websites (which is now all searchable) can be superb traffic generators for your website. And as the graphic shows, the ability to cross-platform share (often by just clicking a link), can distribute and share your content (and in-bound website links) across many, many locations across the internet.

As a company recruiting new candidates – agency or corporate – this ability to increase your SEO organically is so powerful. The higher the rankings in more searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing mean that more job seekers are going to find your jobs!

Now surely that has got to be better than continually going searching for them, hasn’t it?


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