Why Mobile Technology Will Revive Your Employee Referral Program

Mobile recruiting is a hot topic in HR circles. And while the primary focus has been geared towards job-seekers, it’s time to expand it to include another crucial aspect of the recruitment process – employee referral programs.

Referral programs are a strong sourcing method steeped in social activity that’s been proven to reel in top talent, and mobile technology is available at practically everybody’s fingertips (literally!), ensuring that they stay connected. Put them together, and you get an advanced referral program that allows employees to reach out to a high number of potential candidates with your job opportunities – and easily make referrals from their personal devices.

The Perfect Match

While referrals are managed from the workplace, they are not created there. They depend on employees’ abilities to network with friends outside of the office and spread the news of your vacancies – and the ease with which employees can relay referrals back to your team.

The key is tapping into mobile technology. Let’s look at two scenarios to better understand how:

1) Eddie the employee does not have access to his referral program from his smartphone. One Friday evening, he runs into his buddy Calvin, who mentions that he’s been a bit uninspired at his marketing management job. Eddie vaguely remembers a corporate recruiter notifying his team about an open marketing position – he doesn’t know what the specifics are, but makes a mental note to speak with the recruiter. Unfortunately, when Monday morning comes along, Eddie is swamped at the office, totally forgetting to meet with her.

2) In the second scenario, Eddie can access his referral program from his phone. When Calvin hints at his unhappiness at his current position, Eddie immediately opens up his company’s vacancies page. There, he zeroes in on the open marketing job, and shows the details to Calvin – who then tells Eddie he’d be interested in finding out more. With a few keystrokes and a click of the button, Eddie refers his friend then and there for the position, and the recruiter receives an immediate notification.

See what happened there? In the first scenario, Eddie lacked the tools and knowledge with which to make the referral – and missed out big time. In the second scenario, he had the means by which to instantly inform Calvin about the job and pass his details onto the recruiter. By optimizing the referral program for mobile devices, the process is propelled forward, saving valuable time and delivering results.


Employees are a part of the growing adoption base of personal devices, and like their peers, are becoming increasingly joined with theirs at the hip. Wherever they go, no matter what they are doing, there are a few essentials that they will undoubtedly be carrying – keys, wallet, and a mobile phone.

There is therefore no better way to maximize your referral program than by equipping employees with the mobile tools they need to make referrals on the go. And tools like GooodJob Mobile can help. Referrals are socially-driven, and a boost in mobile interactivity makes it increasingly easier for your workers to stay connected both to your program and their networks.

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