Why Leaders Should Empower Employees To Bring Their Dreams To Work

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Earlier this month, my second daughter turned 18 years old. I’ll admit it’s crazy at times to think the little girl who’s artwork used to adorn a previous version of this site is now old enough to vote in Canada’s upcoming federal election.

But while there are times I miss holding the hand of that little girl who walked alongside me, I must admit I enjoy the conversations I have with her and my other adult daughter about their dreams and aspirations of what type of work they’d like to direct their talents and skills into.

Of course, the interesting thing about talking about our dreams for the future is that it seems to be something we think is the sole purview of the young. That at some point in time, we have to let reality in and cast aside those hopeful aspirations of what we can do and who we can become.

The irony is that while there may be political and social strife in certain Western countries these days, the fact is that we are living in a time where we can in fact make our dreams a reality. And for leaders of today’s organizations, this actually a powerful motivating force that they need to be putting more consideration and thought into how to nurture and empower it within their workforce.

It’s an idea that I examine in this latest episode of my podcast feature, Leadership Espresso Shot, which are short episodes that pack a powerful leadership lesson or insight that, in this case, is meant to leaders to understand the untapped potential that exists within their workforce and why they shouldn’t let it go to waste.

These segments are based on some of the lessons and actionable advice I share with leaders who attend my keynotes or corporate training sessions, so in addition to giving you some important insights and ideas to consider, they also give you a glimpse into what I offer through these types of speaking and training engagements.

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And with that, please do check out this latest episode. Again, it’s a short listen, but I promise you it will leave you with much food for thought.

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Tanveer Naseer is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer and keynote speaker. He is also the Principal and Founder of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a leadership coaching firm that works with executives and managers to help them develop practical leadership and team-building competencies to guide organizational growth and development. Tanveer’s writings and insights on leadership and workplace interactions have been featured in a number of prominent media and organization publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Canada’s national newspaper “The Globe and Mail”, The Economist Executive Education Navigator, and the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

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