Why Lady Gaga should be the 2010 Keynote speaker for SHRM

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The Best Alternative to Al Gore (with benefits)

As we discussed here a couple of weeks back, SHRM has selected Al Gore to be the keynote speaker at their 2010 National Conference in San Diego.   It is my guess that a lot of people would be the keynote speaker for a fee and paid trip to San Diego.   Some people like the choice of Gore and some don’t think it was a good pick at all, but that is not what I want to write about.

I want to discuss the brilliant speaker idea suggested by Kenneth R Schelper in his comment on the blog a few days ago.    Here is what Ken had to say about the choice of Gore:

SHRM brought in Jack Welch last year, so why not bring in Al Gore this year?

I don’t get the logic. They brought in Repub­li­cans before, so why not a Demo­c­rat? These all miss the point.

Shouldn’t SHRM’s speak­ers be at least remotely linked to HR issues?

At least the pre­vi­ous speak­ers (held up as Repub­li­cans) have run busi­nesses or cities, some­thing at least envi­ron­men­tally (par­don the pun) related to HR. Gore has never cre­ated any­thing, built any­thing or admin­is­tered any­thing — he even had oth­ers to man­age his Sen­a­to­r­ial and Vice-Presidential staffs. He can’t relate to us and the thing that unites us (our pro­fes­sions) don’t relate to any of his inter­ests.

If SHRM is just look­ing for a name to gen­er­ate excite­ment, why not bring in Lady Gaga instead?

Why not indeed?  After all, according to her web site, Lady Gaga is multi-talented, a cultural icon, highly adept in both business and social media, seems to have built an excellent team around herself, and most of important of all – she would be able to fill in as he entertainment as well.   Much more edgy and modern than Hall and Oates!

Let me know what you think!

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