Why I need to know where I am at all times

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Why I like using Geolocation services

I have been messing around with geolocation applications such as Foursquare and Gowalla for a  while now without really understanding why.  I don’t really care that I am the Mayor of my house, or that I get displaced every other day as the Mayor of my local Starbucks.

So why do I do it? I do it because:

  • it is a trendy social thing right now, and in order to understand social media, you need to stay current with trendy things.
  • It is a fun game kind of thing.  It is FUN to see who else is checked in at an airport, or what kind of tips people have left about a venue.
  • It builds community in odd ways.  Check in at a hot local place like the Taco Bus in Tampa and you will find many people you should know who seek out good food, great bars, and offer all kinds of interesting local flavor   (I did derive great pleasure in being the Mayor of the Taco Bus for a fleeting 15 minute interval on Cinco de Mayo last month!)
  • Most importantly, using these kinds of tools will lead me to new ideas and ways of thinking about things, which is probably the best reason for using these kinds of toys.

For the record, I get asled at least once a day which is better, Foursquare or  Gowalla?   Here is my unequivocal answer – I like them  both.  I have been on Foursquare longer and have a larger community there, so it is the most useful.   I have just started being able to use Gowalla on my Android based phone, and it is a very cool app.  I enjoy playing with the new features in Gowalla, so it is my new shiny object this week.

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