Why I need a To Do list

Getting Things Done
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I don’t use this simple technique often enough

I just spent a bit of time this morning organizing myself and writing a To Do list for today.    On any given  day, I tend to have a lot of stuff going on.

There is a typo on my To Do list.   What do you call a handwritten writing mistake – a writeo?  Seems like an oxymoron.

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Anyway – why am I writing about To Do lists, and stuff?

Our friends at Rypple are helping promote a book about Getting Things Done, by David Allen.   According to the blurb:

For nearly a decade, the Getting Things Done book has been a bestseller around the world and is the foundation for a wide-range of offerings from the David Allen Company. This groundbreaking work-life management system transforms personal overwhelm and overload into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. GTD will teach you the tips and tricks of how to get — and stay — on top of it all.

Part of the promotion is a GTD quiz.  I am a sucker for these things.  Here is what I learned about myself.

I’m a GTD Visionary/Crazy-Maker

On the positive side, you’re a Visionary. You have no shortage of ideas and inspiration. You’re probably pretty good at setting goals, being creative, and staying focused on “the most important thing.”

On the developmental side, you’re a Crazy Maker. Your ideas, projects, and commitments may be outstripping your ability to keep up with them. Things fall through the cracks, details get missed, and you end up with a general sense of being overwhelmed. You might not adequately consider constraints or limitations when making commitments, which can overload those around you.

Sounds like I have some issues.   Ok – how to deal with it.  I made a To do list.  I am going to go buy this book, and I am also going to buy Rework.

That’s all for today.  I’ve got to go and get some shit done now!

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