Why I Bought Thesis Theme For WordPress: Web-Cred, SEO, Community

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In May, 2009 I bought a domain name and started my personal blog on Internet Marketing, Sales and Sports.  This was in fact, my first go-around at blogging and I had no idea how to build or edit a website.  A former co worker recommended that I use WordPress as a content management system and blogging platform as it is free and easy to use for non-technical people.

During my due diligence process on WordPress I realized that there is a huge market of developers building custom “Themes,” for WordPress websites.  Some Themes were free and some Premium WordPress Themes cost a fee.  I wanted the ability to build my own website without having to pay a developer a fee, but I also wanted the Theme to have Search Engine Optimization-Friendly functionality and a forum where I could ask questions when I needed help. Enter Chris Pearson’s Thesis Theme.

The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemes

Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson & DIYthemes

The Three Main Reasons Why I Bought The Thesis Theme for WordPress: Web Credibility, SEO, Community

WordPress Thesis Theme Web Credibility

What makes Chris Pearson’s Thesis Theme credible?  Which websites run on Chris Pearson’s Thesis Theme?

  • Matt Cutts’ Blog runs on the Thesis Theme.  For those of you who are not familiar with Google, SEO, or Internet Marketing, Matt Cutts is empoyed by Google and is well known as Google’s Anti-Spam Czar.
  • Aaron Wall’s Blog runs on the Thesis Theme.  Aaron Wall is a professional SEO, Founder of SEObook.com and internet marketing entrepreneur.
  • Brian Clark’s Blog runs on the Thesis Theme.  Brian Clark is a professional copywriter and Founder of Copyblogger.com.
  • Chris Brogan’s Blog runs on the Thesis Theme.  Chris Brogan is a NY Times Best Selling Author of “Trust Agents” and Social Media Maven.

WordPress Thesis Theme is SEO-Friendly

One of the main reasons that I started my blog is because I was fascinated by how Search Engines (read: Google) decide which websites are impressed upon search queries (also known as keyword phrases).  I wanted to know how to rank on Google and other Search Engines for particular keyword phrases.  Approximately, 25 % of Getting Found on Search Engines has to do with on-site SEO Factors including the placement of keywords in Title Tags, Page Slugs, Headers and content of each individual web page.  The Thesis Theme allows for a non-technical, non-web savvy person to easily edit and customize individual web pages for SEO.

Thesis Theme Community Support via DIYthemes Forum

Even though internet marketing thought leaders Matt Cutts, Aaron Wall, Brian Clark and Chris Brogan’s blogs run on the Thesis Theme, I was still not convinced that a non-technical, non-web savvy, mere mortal like myself could easily build and customize my website with the Thesis Theme.  Plain and simply, I needed help building and customizing my website.  Fine.  Chris Pearson is one step ahead of the game.  He has a Forum for all Thesis Theme users that is managed by expert web developers 24/7 to answer all questions .

I ended up purchasing the Thesis Theme Personal Option for $87.00 and the education I have received from other Thesis Theme users and developers on the DIYthemes Forums has far exceeded the fee.  A Big Thanks to Chris Pearson and his killer staff at DIYthemes for creating such a value-added product.

Not convinced that Thesis Theme is for you? Thesis Demo Site — See the Thesis Theme in action!

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