Why I am going to HRevolution

This weekend, I am heading to Chicago for the HRevolution. Should be a rip-roaring blast, a lot of fun, historic, monumental, incredible, etc, etc.  Why are you doing, I have been asked by some friends locally, for whom this entire concept is foreign and baffling.  You don’t even know these people really.what will you get out of people from Twitter?  (That was my favorite question).  So I put together my list of why I would go to an unconference.

I want to be there.  I don’t have to be there.
I get to meet really cool people.  
I get to listen to really cool people.  
I get to talk about really cool ideas.  
No one will be annoyed at questioning the status quo.  
No one will roll their eyes at me if I mention Twitter.  Or challenge me to explain the benefits of Foursquare.
Nor do I have to do any selling.  Of anything. To anyone.  
I get to take the train. I love the train.
I get to just be.

And if that isn’t enough, my BFF from CA is going to be in Chicago at the very same time, with her husband and daughter.  I get to see them too.  Serious bonus points.  I have to decide if I have room for my camera.  But a full report to follow, promise.  

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